Summer Intensives Registration

CLICK HERE to download a PDF of the flyer.

1. The session will be 3 hours long. Dancers can choose to come 9:00am - Noon or 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Dancers may choose to do BOTH morning and afternoon, but they must be picked up at Noon and come back at 1:00pm. There will be no lunch at the studio.

2. Dancers will be dropped off. The front door will be locked at all times. Dancers will be greeted at the door by a teacher with hand sanitizer. All teachers will be wearing masks. Masks are optional for students. Dancers will need to put on their jazz shoes or dance paws or turners in the car. They will dance all 3 classes in these same shoes. NO dance bags or cell phones will be allowed in. In an emergency, teachers will make any calls needed from the studio phone or their cell phones. Dancers can bring a water bottle labeled with their name.

3. The studio floors will be taped off for each dancer to have their own square. Each dancers square will be 6 feet apart. The Intensive will be limited to the number of squares in each dance room.

4. Each dancer will be assigned their own chair in the dance room.  When they arrive, they will go to their chair, put their water bottle under the chair, and wait until all the dancers in their dance room have arrived and sanitized. Once the class begins, each dancer will go to their assigned square on the dance floor, and will return to their personal chair for rest and water breaks.

5. There will be three 1 hour classes each session, and the teachers will rotate rooms not the dancers. The dancers will stay in their own square and their own chair for the full 3 hour session.

6. Dancers are encouraged to use the bathroom before they leave the house. If they need to use the bathroom at the studio, the desk attendant will sanitize the bathroom after each use, and make sure anyone that comes out of the bathroom sanitizes their hands again.

7. At pick-up, there will be a teacher at the door with a walkie-talkie, and each teacher in the room will also have a walkie talkie. As a parent pulls up for pick up, the door teacher will notify the classrooms with the student’s name and the students will leave the building 1 at a time waiting on their chair until their name is called.

8. The studio floors will be sanitized, and all chairs will be sanitized in between the morning and afternoon sessions. The whole studio will be cleaned nightly, and the air is continuously scrubbed with the addition of our new Reme-Halo units.



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